What is NANA’s House?

NANA’s House is a nonprofit organization, where we provide local foster families, licensed by One More Child, with housing and wrap around support. We help provide families with housing, utilities, transportation, and resources for kids, as well as household goods, children’s clothing, toys, school supplies, diapers, and any other items that they may need.


How can a child be placed at NANA’s House?
Our homes are used by foster families who take in children who are in the state foster system. These are children who have been removed from their families by the state, they will stay with one of our foster families, licensed through One More Child, until reunification or another permanent placement can be achieved.


Who is One More Child?

One More Child is a faith based foster care agency. They have been serving children for over 115 years and we are so excited to partner with them. Click here to visit One More Child


How Do I Become a Foster Parent?

We are looking for married Christian couples, who have a heart for children, to join our community of foster families. For more information, contact Kim Frodge at 321-724-5111 ext. 1


How is NANA’s Children’s Home/NANA’s House funded?
NANA’s House is self-funded as follows:

  • 40% Fundraisers
  • 45% Individuals, Grants, and (or) Businesses
  • 15% Churches
  • We do not receive State Funding


How do I volunteer?
NANA’s House offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals, families or groups, ranging from a one-time experience to a year-long commitment. Currently, committee members are needed to raise public awareness and solicit donations. Other opportunities will include thrift store work, outdoor maintenance, meal preparation, or sharing a skill with our children. Please contact Cindy Best at 321-724-5111 ext. 3 for further information.


How can I make a donation?
You can make a gift of cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate or a bequest through your will.


Donations can be made to: Please visit our donations page by clicking HERE