Weekly Grocery needs

(To make it easy Publix delivers! For more information call Ann 321-431-7781 )

Milk 2% , Bread, Eggs, Chicken, Cheese sharp cheddar, Cottage cheese, Ranch dressing, Ketchup, Grape jelly, Fresh fruit, Veggie tray, Healthy cereal, Breakfast meats, Lunch meat, Slice cheese, Canned chicken, Vanilla yogurt, Muffins, Bagels, OJ juice, Dinner meats, Packed lunch items, Healthy juices, Uncle Ben’s instant jasmine rice, Boiled eggs, Bisquick mix, On the go protein bars

Restaurant gift cards

 Denny’s     Subway     Burger King     Keke’s Breakfast Cafe’     Papa John’s Pizza

Special activities


House wishes

 Junior (infant) eye patches,     Printer ink     Barnes and Noble Gift Cards      Mosquito trap     Family photo frame