Gifts For ages 5-11

All ages: legos sets, iTunes gift cards to purchase music, games, or movies, MP3 players (no radio option), chuckee cheese gift cards, pump it up memberships, over the head head phones, bike helmets, bike pads, no spill water bottles, money jars, picture frames/photo albums, family games (NOT candy land or matching games…have tons), CATAN family game 6 player version,

5 – leapfrog ultra, leapfrog gift card, outdoor toddler size basket ball hoop, playdough sets, fridge magnets, lego storage bins, trikes, robots, play baby items, geo trax train set,

6- puzzles, paint projects, action figures, Barbie, jump rope, hoola hoops, hatchamals, small doll houses, bathtub wind up toys, hot wheels sets, nice size 12 shoes

7- horse figures, spaceship toys, Hess toys, necklaces/bracelets, play makeup, baseball hats, skateboards, scooters, nice size 1 shoes

8- sports balls, movie gift cards/concessions money, bikes, nice size 2 shoes, RC car, night light toys,

9- mini-drone, nail polish, crafts, magnet dart boards, Nintendo 3DS, iPad, karaoke machine, digital camera, iPods,  nice size 3 shoes

10-11 – science kits, build it projects (bird house, teddy bear), alarm clock, watch, sunglasses, gift cards to mall or Walmart, sports equipment, footlocker gift card, variety 5$ gift cards to be used as ‘allowance’, gift card to Ava’s Accessory in mall,